You already use knives to cook but do you really know how to use knives to, like, really cook? You'll often find them included in knife sets, but Arnold prefers the quality of steels you buy a la carte. Looking for a set of kitchen knives that includes a chef knife, bread knife, and more? Chopping on stone and other hard materials causes the blade … Read More

2017 was a great year for VR games, but which should we be looking forward to? It also includes the excellent Oculus Touch motion controllers, can support large-area VR like the Vive, and at $399 is a full $200 less than the HTC Vive—and even less than the PlayStation VR with Move controllers. There really aren't enough games to justify Goog… Read More

The LPGA Golf Community is one of the most luxurious gated communities in Daytona Beach, Florida. With its great location, impressive amenities and remarkable townhomes for sale, LPGA is a great place to live in Daytona Beach. Consider the Daytona International Speedway for motor sports, the Ocean Center for indoor sporting events of all types and … Read More

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